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May 11-12, 2017

An incredible agenda built to cover all the burning issues as VR goes mainstream...

We are currently pulling together the agenda and speaker list for 2017. If you would like to be part of the research or join the speaking list, please put forward your suggestions to

Day One, May 11, 2017

VR Visionary Day: Where are we now, what do the next few years look like… and how will virtual reality fundamentally change the way we live and work in the next 10 years?

Visionary talks and panels from companies and individuals leading the charge in virtual reality hardware, software and content development

  • The global VR marketplace - where are we now, where are we going and how big can this get?
  • A true picture of the uptake numbers we’re seeing from the first full year of consumer headset releases
  • Surviving and thriving to 2020 – clear strategies and tips to navigate turbulence and an ever changing, ever more competitive environment
  • Tracking investment – where’s the real money going in VR, and why?
  • What will be the prevalent business models and monetization opportunities going forward for VR?
  • What’s really going to open VR up to the masses? What will be the killer app(s)
  • Making VR experiences social – how’s this happening, what are the hurdles and who’s leading the way?
  • What’s going to be the impact of WebVR on the creation and discoverability of VR content?
  • Nurturing the start-up community – a look at schemes and initiatives aimed at driving start-up innovation across all areas of the burgeoning VR industry
  • VR/AR/MR –conflicting, competing or complementary markets and technologies? What are the crossover opportunities arising as new applications evolve?
  • The human benefit potential of VR. Where can the medium have truly positive impacts?

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Who you'll see there - Program Summary for all tracks - Audience breakdown - Exclusive discount code

Day Two, May 12, 2017

Track #1: VR for Games and Interactive Entertainment Track #2: VR for Enterprise Applications & Brand Marketing

With the rapid evolution of VR experiences, the lines are blurring between games and other forms of consumer entertainment. This track will drill down into the impact of VR on gaming and wider entertainment and the massive challenges and opportunities arising as a result.

  • What makes a truly great VR game? Case study lessons from some of the leading developers
  • How VR will change the face of film and broadcast media over the next decade
  • Democratizing VR content creation. What’s the place of the traditional game engines and new platforms and how is VR content development going to play out in the coming years?
  • Balancing graphics with gameplay – how to the trade-off right to ensure user experience is not compromised
  • The power and challenge of truly interactive storytelling in film
  • Discoverability and distribution models – how do we expect consumers to find and engage with the right VR experiences for them?
  • Mobile gaming revisited? How is VR game monetization going to play out?
  • 360 video versus true VR – what are the best applications for different platforms and formats? Should we even be including 360 video in the virtual reality conversation?
  • How is VR set to transform the creation and distribution of music?
  • Is out of home the natural first step to experiencing great virtual reality?
  • Navigating the ethical and social impacts of VR
  • Caution and restraint in VR game development – what should and what shouldn’t we be aiming to expose users to?
  • Understanding the crucial place of audio in creating incredible VR experiences
  • Why VR is not all about the headset: how the new wave of peripherals and haptics are hugely improving the immersive experience
  • Strategies for increasing diversity and getting talent into game and interactive experience development

Enterprises across multiple verticals are applying VR to a wide variety of enterprise applications. This track will focus on best user cases so far and what the future may hold for both B2C brands and B2B organisations over the next decade

  • Design, training, sales & marketing? What are the killer apps for VR in enterprise?
  • VR use cases in healthcare and medicine
  • Unlocking the potential of VR/AR to transform how people work
  • VR and the evolution of design and prototyping in high-end manufacturing
  • Addressing the technical hurdles to bring mass enterprise adoption of VR
  • How VR is changing design processes, training delivery and sales and marketing across the automotive industry
  • WebVR and the mass creation and distribution of virtual reality experiences
  • Virtual reality advertising: what's happening, what's scaleable, and what's working?
  • Balancing creative delivery and value when using VR for brand engagement
  • Creating stand out virtual reality experiences for branding and marketing
  • How VR is revolutionising design, development and sales in architecture and real estate
  • Using VR for immersive training & experiential education in enterprise
  • Communicating the value and best applications of VR to business leaders
  • Is the education sector a natural home for the most comprehensive VR experiences? In what contexts can it be best applied?
  • The place of VR in arts, culture and heritage – what are the best use cases so far and what are some of the likely innovations going forward?
  • Will AR end up being the dominant platform for enterprise going forward?
  • Understanding the power of VR to showcase products directly to consumers

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Who you'll see there - Program Summary for all tracks - Audience breakdown - Exclusive discount code