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May 11-12, 2017

A groundbreaking agenda to set you up for VR success…

Conference start and end times

The below is a current agenda for the event. A full timed agenda will all sessions detailed will be released in the run up to the event.

In the meantime, please see the below start and end times for guidance for booking travel to and from the event. Get your tickets here – early booking rates still apply

Day 1 (May 11) Registration from 7.15am, Conference Sessions Start at 9.00am, Conference Sessions End at around 6.00pm. Networking Drinks run 6.00pm - 8.00pm.

Day 2 (May 12) Registration from 8.00am, Conference sessions Start at 9.15am, Conference Sessions End at around 5.30pm.

The exhibition is open to conference attendees, speakers and sponsors throughout the two days but is open to exhibition only tickets from 10.00 - 5.00pm on Friday May 12 only.

Day 1, Thursday 11th May

Day 2, Friday 12th May

Day 1, Thursday 11th May

Chairman’s opening

Gordon Bellamy, Visiting Professor, University of Southern California

The current VR market – what’s really happening and how can you take advantage of the biggest opportunities arising?

This session will highlight what’s driving virtual, augmented and mixed reality right now… and what’s going to take it from today's early stage market to a mass market by the end of the decade.

You'll get top tier industry analyst trends and forecasts from SuperData, the latest unit sales from Context World and brand new consumer insights from Greenlight Insights.

These short presentations, and the moderated panel discussion with extensive audience Q&A to follow, will put you in a position to align your strategy with the most buoyant areas of the market and provide a path to success over the coming years.

Stephanie Llamas, Head of AR/VR Strategy, SuperData Research
Clifton Dawson, CEO, Greenlight Insights
Jonathan Wagstaff, Context World

Presentation title TBC

Senior representative, Intel

Fireside Chat: Film & VR

Tim Webber, Chief Creative Officer, Framestore

Presentation title TBC

Simon Benson, Director - WWS Immersive Technology Group, Sony Interactive Entertainment

What’s are the real current – and future - possibilities for VR content development?

Tony Parisi, Head of VR/AR Strategy, Unity Technologies

A future of immersive content – perspectives on how VR, AR and MR content can dominate consumer attention in the coming years

Panelists include:

Sol Rogers, CEO, Rewind
Joseph Chen, Executive Technical Director, Here Be Dragons
Ola Björling, Global Director of VR, MediaMonks
Henry Cowling, Creative Director, Unit9

Microsoft HoloLens: The Path To Mixed Reality

During this session, Leila Martine will share details on Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first, fully self-contained holographic computer. In addition, in 2017, Microsoft’s hardware partners will release new VR headsets capable of Mixed Reality. During this session, Leila will share case studies for how businesses are already transforming within scenarios such as design, manufacturing, training, collaboration and entertainment.

Leila Martine, Director of New Devices, Microsoft

WebVR and the mass creation and distribution of virtual reality experiences

If VR is going to scale at the rate we all hope, we need to avoid it being perceived as a closed platform built for – and by – a relatively small community of techies. VR experiences need to be shareable, searchable, discoverable and give users freedom of choice in an open format. Enter WebVR. This panel of renowned experts in both the backend and frontend of virtual reality systems will discuss the current state of play for WebVR, the challenges and opportunities it promises… and how they see it developing over the next couple of years.

Salvador de la Puente González, Senior Software Engineer, Mozilla
Dominique Hazael-Massieux, Web Technology Expert, W3C
Thomas Flynn, Cultural Heritage Lead, Sketchfab
Diego Gonzalez, Developer Advocate, Samsung Electronics

Panel chaired by: Tony Parisi, Head of VR/AR, Unity Technologies

Presentation title TBC

Peter Frølund, Vice President, Europe, HTC Vive

Making VR social – tracking the possibilities, the challenges and the killer apps

Creating enjoyable and useful social experiences is arguably the holy grail for those looking to take VR mainstream and it certainly has the potential to become an inherently social medium. It's no secret that Facebook is banking on it becoming a major platform for social networking… and multiple apps and games are already being developed to allow users to share locations, contact and experiences in VR.

This session brings together some of those leading the charge in making VR a social activity. Panelists will look at some of the technological and UX hurdles and how they’re solving them as well as giving their views on how behaviour in VR should be monitored and the question of harassment prevention should be tackled. What do they think are going to be the killer social apps for VR as the technology and content matures?

Panelists include:

Clemens Wangerin, Managing Director, vTime
Gemma Jessop, Creative Director, Cherry Pop Games
Raz Schwartz, UX Designer, Oculus

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Day 2, Friday 12th May

Track #1: VR for Games and Interactive Entertainment Track #2: VR for Enterprise Applications & Brand Marketing

What really makes a great VR game?

Creating a truly immersive and engaging gaming environment where users can lose sense of reality is what VR is all about. This session will give you key insight from some of the industry’s leading studios and platforms into what makes a VR gaming experience work. Get practical takeaways about how to master user interfaces in VR, how to balance speed, accuracy and interactivity in gameplay and the different approaches to developing for mobile VR versus tethered and room-scale.

Panelists include:

Patrick O'Luanaigh, CEO, nDreams
Simon Harris, Executive Producer, VR, Supermassive Games

Panel chaired by: Gordon Bellamy, Visiting Professor, University of Southern California

Tracking core business uses for VR beyond gaming & entertainment

VR is exploding and it's not just for games. Hear from some of the leading industry experts on how VR is taking hold for enterprise across a huge variety of industries. In this session we'll be discussing how VR is making viable profitable solutions for Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Apparel, Architecture, AEC, and other industry verticals.

We'll be looking at VR opportunities throughout the product and building lifecycle, including use cases in sales & marketing, retail, service and support, training, design, collaboration, and more. We'll also be addressing some of the "Gotchas" and barriers you may face and how these can be overcome.

Assessing platform crossover opportunities in television and VR

Alongside the internet, terrestrial TV holds its position as one of the big universal media platforms. And with the rise of VR promising so many new content possibilities, big broadcasters and entertainment companies are seeing huge crossover potential. So how can VR companies work with the television industry to increase awareness of VR? Which television genres and formats are best suited to virtual reality? What are the IP extension opportunities and new revenue opportunities arising between traditional TV and VR? And if virtual reality really does represent a true media paradigm shift, how will television have to adapt?

Panelists include:

Sarah Edwards, SVP, Creative Development, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Nick Hall, Digital Director, Endemol Shine UK
Eleni Sharp, Exec Product Manager, Innovation Products & Services, BBC R&D

How VR is changing sales and marketing at Audi

Marcus Kühne, Strategy Lead, Immersive Technologies, Audi

How VR will change the face of the film industry over the next decade

As VR takes hold across the whole entertainment spectrum, film studios are having to adopt new ways of storytelling to make truly immersive virtual reality cinematic content. Experimentation is rife and some amazing content is already being produced, but challenges still abound and frankly everyone’s trying to work out what's next.

This panel will hear from some of those at the cutting-edge of VR film and animation and will look at how the medium is going to hugely disrupt movie making - and watching - over the next decade.

Mária Rakušanová, Director of VR and New Media, Raindance Film Festival
J'aimee Skippon-Volke, Festival Director / VFX Producer, Byron Bay Film Festival

Using VR to drive innovation in food service and retail

In this session, René Batsford, who has a wealth of experience in delivering digital innovation for companies such as McDonald’s and EAT will outline where he sees the big wins coming in the application of virtual reality in the sector. Looking at his “5 Ps of VR” (Places, Products, Processes, People and Performance), René will draw on experiences he’s developed around using VR for staff training, restaurant location and layout optimisation, improving customer & brand experience and more.

René Batsford, Former Digital Innovation Manager, McDonalds

The real possibilities VR game design presents

With all its VR games, CCP aims to create worlds that are both believable and that people want to spend time in. Thriving on the end-to-end immersive fantasy of VR, Andrew has a wealth of experience designing VR inputs and interactions, and will talk about the real myriad of possibilities VR game design presents to developers. Leaning on practical experience, Andrew will talk about the experimentation carried out by the EVE: Valkyrie team on user experience and address how the rulebook is being re-written with every step taken into this new and exciting medium.

Andrew Willans, Lead Designer, CCP Games

Addressing the technical hurdles to bring mass enterprise adoption of VR

Large-scale manufacturing and construction industries have been using virtual reality and 3D visualization technologies for decades. But with the new wave of VR, enterprise across the board is seeing huge scope for applications to drive efficiencies and increase productivity. But certain technological hurdles still remain and educating business leaders on how to incorporate VR into their workflow is still a challenge. This panel will look at how areas such as mobilization, platform sharing, hardware requirements and VR vs AR are being addressed by different industries as VR takes hold.

Mark Roberts, Design Operations Manager, McLaren Automotive
Amy Peck, VR/AR Consultant, EndeavorVR

Heeding the lessons learned of past platforms when developing for VR

VR has long been coveted as the ultimate platform for truly immersing yourself and becoming a part of the games you are playing. But what will emerge as the best method for integrating storytelling that engages an audience who has the freedom to look wherever they want? What are the new frontiers when it comes to integrating multiplayer/social components? What is a suitable session length, considering how session length of mobile games have changed as the medium has become more mainstream?

This presentation takes a case study approach to explore the lessons learned from storied past platforms and current pitfalls already being witnessed in VR to reveal what developers working on VR titles should heed as warning signs when diving into the new platform. The speaker will leverage his team’s past in creating mega popular hit titles across mobile, social, AAA and multiplayer to define what could become best practices for VR design, storytelling, social, gameplay mechanics, monetization and more. He will also divulge best practices that will ensure developers are thinking of the player first, while remaining in the context of the platform, to ensure an experience that makes players want to come back for more.

Oskar Burman, CEO, Fast Travel Games

VR and Architecture: Revolutionizing Design, Development and Sales

Matthew Vitti, VR Architect, TCA Architects
Helen Campbell, Atkins Global

Tracking the rise of virtual reality in China

In this session, two of China’s biggest game companies who are investing hugely in VR will uncover the specific trends their seeing in the consumer adoption of VR in China.

You’ll get direct insight on where the biggest opportunities lie and how best to take advantage of the massive investments being made in the region in both local and international companies.

Cassia Curran, International Business Development Manager, NetEase Games
Yuli Zhao, VP Corporate Development, Youzu Interactive

What are consumer brands really looking to do with VR… and what’s stopping them?

Jon Carney, Chief Digital Officer, McCann Worldgroup EMEA
Dean Taylor, Director of Creative Strategy, Momentum Worldwide

The power and challenge of truly interactive storytelling

In this session, a selection of experts from across the global VR ecosystem will explore the subject of interactive storytelling in VR. They’ll focus on how it’s blurring the lines between games and movies and has to be treated as a completely new medium for storytelling.

Panelists include:

Brett Leonard, Director, The Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity Entertainment
Tony Parisi, Head of VR/AR, Unity Technologies
Hadrien Lanvin, CEO, Innerspace VR

Using VR for Immersive Training & Experiential Education

We’ve been using crude VR simulators for decades to train soldiers, police and pilots. Today’s revolution in VR’s image quality, motion, UX and cost are opening up new industries to more visual ways to train and educate. Hear how VR pioneers across diverse industries are building and using immersive learning environments today.

Dialogue Markets: Conversational avatars = AI + VR

Mark Stephen Meadows, CEO, Botanic

+ A conversation on crossover opportunities in AI and VR

Mark Stephen Meadows, CEO, Botanic in conversation with
Dave Ranyard, CEO Dream Reality Interactive

The distribution and monetization of VR content

Panelists include:

Louis Cacciuttolo, Founder & CEO, VRrOOm

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