Webinar: Tracking the impact & ROI of XR in enterprise

What's stopping more companies from investing in XR - and how can its impact be proven?

Our recent XR industry survey showed the big benefits that many companies across industry are seeing, from integrating immersive tech into their business – and that most intend to invest more.

But many other companies are struggling to get internal buy-in, to see how VR & AR can improve their business. So what’s needed to secure ongoing internal support? How are companies assessing the impact of VR & AR on their business? Where are they seeing ROI?

On Thursday September 20, VRX hosts a webinar with senior execs at Johnson & Johnson, HTC Vive and DHL, to look at what impacts the technologies are actually having, and how companies are building a business case for continued investment.

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With a panel of experts:

• Vinay Narayan, Vice President, Product and Operations (Americas), HTC Vive
• Raj Tiwari, Global Service Owner – Advanced Technologies (XR), Johnson & Johnson
• Lee Burrell, Director of Business Development - Automotive, Engineering & Manufacturing, DHL

Discussion chaired by: Amy Peck, Founder & CEO, EndeavorVR

Key discussion points:

• Explore the real benefits and applications of XR tech and how to gain buy-in from the right people
• Understand the importance of proving the value proposition of XR from the start to enable it to sustain and scale
• Hear why consistently tracking and measuring success is key to proving the business case and demonstrating ROI

Register for this free enterprise XR webinar here. It’s on Thursday September 20 @ 10.00am PDT - and if you can’t join live, register now to receive the recordings later.